Tuesday, December 11, 2007

KuddleBugz Threadz Christmas Promotion

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Welcome to KuddleBugz Threadz! Unique Gifts Created Just for You!

KuddleBugz Threadz is happy to announce that until December 31, 2007 you will receive a FREE gift with EVERY purchase! My little way of saying Merry Christmas to you! Newly added items each week!

My newest creation is a reversible bib and burp cloth set! Also, featuring: infant car seat covers, booties, soft-soled shoes, diaper cakes, gift certificates, hats, and mittens!

Cuddle your little ones up with KuddleBugz Threadz this season! www.KuddleBugzThreadz.etsy.com

Don't forget about the Referal Program! Refer a friend and if they make a purchase you will receive 25% OFF your next purchase! Make sure your friend gives me your name! Also, all returning customers will receive 15% OFF, instead of 10% OFF from NOW until December 31st!


Monday, December 3, 2007

My Heart 2 Yours!

Introducing Katie Lyn Sherry owner of My Heart 2 Yours! At My Heart 2 Yours you will find beautifully paper crafted art items like altered checkbook covers, altered monogram letters. When asked where, how, when did you learn your craft she said, “I can't remember exactly, I've been doing this since I could hold scissors in my hand.” Katie’s husband has been her biggest inspiration. He sees the little things that she does and encourages her to fly with whatever she feels like doing. “Right now as we save for our down payment on a house, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment. He graciously gave me the master bedroom and bathroom as my art studio, we sleep in the spare bedroom with the tiny closet. How sweet is that!” Wow, now that is TRUE support and LOVE!Katie likes surprising details in her design style. She says, “at first glance a piece should have balance and be nice to look at, but with further inspection there should be things to discover. I do this by using Swarovski crystals or charms, ribbons etc.”Katie has been selling on Etsy for 6 months. Katie would like you to see how original her designs are. She does not copy other artists or designers. “I love to create my own things.” She loves the handmade venue of Etsy!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Fairy Babies

Click on pictures to take you to Hyla's Etsy Shop!

Introducing Hyla Waldron of My Fairy Babies! http://www.myfairybabies.etsy.com/ At My Fairy Babies you will find fantasy items for children including dragon and fairy shirts, fairy dolls, and pacifier buddies.

Hyla learned her craft from her mom as a child. Her children are my biggest inspiration. When asked about her design style she said, “I like to provide whimsical fantasy items for children as there doesn’t seem to be much of anything right now.”

Hyla has been selling on Etsy since June of this year. What Hyla would like you to notice most about her work is how vibrant they are and full of love. Fantasy inspires imagination. In regards to selling on Etsy Hyla says, “It is very easy to list and it is a great community in the forums.”

You can find My Fairy Babies at http://www.myfairybabies.etsy.com/ or just Google MyFairyBabies!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ready for WINTER!

Let it SNOW!!! We finally took the girls out sledding last week. It had warmed up some...around 30 degrees! So we thought it would be fun for them! They like the snow, but weren't too sure about sledding together! The snow was about 7 inches deep and fluffy, so it was hard to keep the sled balanced. Needless to say they tipped over a few times. Their snowsuits are very warm, but I think they also limited their freedom of movement! Which added to their frustration! Overall, we had a good time!

Look at us mom, we are little Snow Princesses!

Their new winter coats are wonderful! They haven't worn them much because it has been "warm" for Fairbanks lately. But the temperatures are starting to dip below freezing! So, I am sure we will be using these everyday soon! The girls love the furry collar and cuffs!

What beautiful little girls you are growing up to be! I can't believe they will soon be 1 1/2 years old! They are such a joy! They are such busy bodies these days. Trista is always trying to get behind the couch for some reason! And the both are little climbers! They love to play with each other! They will climb into their toy box and play together with dolls, puppies, or just about anything!

Tori in pink, Trista in purple.

Latley the love to play with the box that the diapers come in! Or the Wish Book catalogs! They always seem to find the page with puppies on it! They are starting to say more things now. I am sure it won't be long before they are talking up a storm like their mommy!

Just thought you might like an update! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Wish we could have been with family!

Mommy and Me Boutique

Please click on any picture to take you to Mommy and Me Boutique!

Meet Corline of Mommy and Me Boutique!http://mommyandmeboutique.etsy.com/ Corline specializes in adult and toddler aprons. Also, baby items, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and toddler skirts. She is a self taught artist. Corline’s inspirations comes from her mother, who was very talented in all the arts. Also, she observes what people wear, color combination, fashion, nature, just life in general.

She loves color and design and how things are put together. Corline has been making things for about 12 years. She started making upholstered small doll furniture then doll clothes and then on to what she is doing now. She specializes in adult and toddler aprons. The style is updated for today's woman. The aprons are chic, modern, some vintage, some traditional but definitely not ordinary. They are not your mother's aprons.

Corline has been selling on Etsy for not quite a year. She says, “I am afraid I have neglected my Etsy store just keeping up with the aprons that I sell in a very nice boutique. But that is a good thing!” Corline would like you to notice the color, the design, the careful workmanship, and the variety of her products. She uses all designer fabric and ribbon for her items. When asked what she likes about selling on Etsy this is what she had to say, “I appreciate how willing the people are about sharing their knowledge about various things; it is a very helpful community and a very caring community. I love the fact that there are so many "stay at home moms" and all their great creativity. Their are so many talented artist and the work is marvelous. The 90 features in 90 days, created by Giftbearer has been a great experience, learning so much about the outstanding artist.”

Mommy and Me Boutique can be found at the following locations: http://mommyandmeboutique.etsy.com
And if you happen to be in Northern California, Twigs Fine Gifts!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Moda Designs Jewelry

3-Strand Amber, Topaz, and Magnet Bracelet With Healing Magnets Give the gift of healing this holiday season

How long have you been selling online? Did you make your living as an artist before then, and how?
2 years.
Does anyone EVER make a living as an artist? No.

What do you think the benefits are to selling online for the disabled artist, if there are any?
(I know that for my mom, the physical labor involved in doing a show isn't possible, so that was a big plus for her). Well, there is less running around, I guess, but I do that too. This is just another outlet for my sales. The best part is having a social life without leaving the house!

Large Faceted Amethysts and Bali Silver Pendant and Ear Rings Shop HANDMADE this holiday season (J1)

Have you interacted at all with other online sellers with disabilities?
(I'm curious as to the extent of an online "community) Most sellers here have one disability or another. Low mood is the biggest issue with artists. "The artist's melancholy."

Are there any particular sites or resources that you depend on or sell through, besides Etsy? Anything you can recommend?
It doesn't hurt to look around, but Etsy has brought me the majority of my sales. Other sale sites are confusing to try to sell on.

Does your physical condition influence your art, and is it reflected in it?
I mostly sell bracelets with magnets in them. These are for pain releif. I can tell people what it's done for me. How it's relieved my pain...

Dark Amber and Healing Magnet Arthritis Relief Bracelet Only 26 Dollars Shop HANDMADE this holiday season

Where can the reader find Moda Designs Jewelry?
Metal Bracelets: http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb46/modadesigns/Precious%20Metals%20Bracelets/ some of the supplies for these creations can be found in my Etsy supplies shop: http://cheapboutique.etsy.com

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Remember to tell those in your life that you are thankful for how much you appreciate them!

God Bless!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Personal Treasures

Loooong Hessonite Stripe Necklace

Meet Phyllis Mufson of Personal Treasures http://personaltreasures.etsy.com/, http://personaltreasures.blogspot.com/ and Mufi Jewels http://mufi.etsy.com/.

What items do you sell?
One of a kind and limited edition gemstone beaded jewelry, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Where, how, when did you learn your craft?
I learned how to do the basics by reading instructions on the Internet.

Pink Biwa Pearl Ruffle Necklace

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
My customers. In addition to ETSY I sell through jewelry parties and trunk shows so I see women interact with the jewelry; talk with them about what’s important to them, and see my jewelry on many women so I know which designs are particularly flattering to wear. I love their enthusiasm for what I do.

How long have you been doing your craft?
3 years

Tell us a little about your design style?
I had a career as a textile artist before picking up a bead. My background in textiles influences how I design. I'm very concerned with drape and how the jewelry moves with the body. I'm also inspired by the stones and like to challenge myself by choosing unusual stones and then figuring out what to do with them.

Bali Silver Spheres Earrings

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
Since September

What do you want the readers to notice about your work?
That almost all of the work is one of a kind. In a few cases I have limited editions, and an edition of 5 is the largest I’ve made. They’re made carefully with love. If I’m not satisfied with a piece I’ll keep making it over until I am. The materials are sterling silver, gold-filled and vermeil, gemstones and pearls. (Some additional materials at the Mufi store.)

What do you like most about selling on Etsy?
It’s a fun place to shop and there is a nice community among the sellers. I’m a buyer as well as a seller.

Where can the reader find you?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ContasBrasil and ContasKoeln

Meet Bebê de Soares of ContasBrasil and ContasKoeln!

What is your Shop name?
Me and my sister Suzy Wortberg share 2 shops: ContasBrasil for our jewelry and ContasKoeln for supplies.

What items do you sell?
ContasBrasil is a brand, all our fashion-jewelry is designed by 3 artists: me, Suzy Wortberg (we both are Brazilian but live in Germany) and Ana Vilas Boas (she's an architect too, lives in Brazil). All pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind, and are made by the artists themselves. We create mostly necklaces, but also some armbands, and we have just started to make our first earrings! Will be brand new this week in our etsy shop! . We also create pieces for children.
Besides, we sell Doll Bags, a fabulous brand by Sandra Funkelman, a Brazilian artist, all handmade and embroidered, unique, original pieces that go very well with the ContasBrasil spirit.

Where, how, when did you learn your craft?
I started by accident 2 years ago, when I was still living in Brazil. I had bought some beads for my sister, and although the 2 of them were already very successful in Germany, I had not yet seen their work at that time. Before I packed them I decided to give it a try...and send it to Germany together with Ana's necklaces. I loved it instantaneously, kept some beads with me right away, enrolled in a jewelry course, bought some more beads... one month later I had my first show! By the way, my very first necklace was sold, I've never seen the color of the money because I forgot to tell my sister!! She only realized it some months ago!!
Who has been your biggest inspiration?
If anyone, Ana Vilas Boas! Although my style differs totally from hers, I was really inspired by the beauty of her creations! We always say Ana is the Lagerfeld from the fashion-jewelry world!
How long have you been doing your craft?
Exactly 2 years.

Tell us a little about your design style?
I studied architecture, and I love modern architecture. I think some of my pieces are very influenced by that. Very much the shape of the bead and the color. But I have always been a fan of flea markets, vintage stuff, I loved indie before I knew what the word meant. So I have this very baroque side, full of details, not symmetrical, not perfect, non industrialized aesthetic. You can see this influence in my costume and set design (for theater).I am an actress and director and have my own theater company T4G!

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
Roughly 6 months.

What do you want the readers to notice about your work?
We've been putting a lot of attention in our photos, because they have to conceal the originality from our design. We also invest on an eclectic mix of material, quite unusual in my point of view: semi-precious stones, pearls, muranos, crystal mixed with seeds, cocos, wood beads. Almost all our clasps are gold plated or silver. Our sole enemy is the lack of time!!

What do you like most about selling on Etsy?
The network one builds with other sellers, with everything that this involves. But also, I would only buy at etsy if I lived in the States! I love this marketplace! And I'm addicted to the treasure!

Where can the reader find you?
Besides Etsy, we sell on DaWanda, an European platform for handmade creations. And we will be opening our atelier with a little shop in Köln in November!!Everyone is invited to visit us there!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

EtsyBABY Kris- Mouse Holiday Hunt Promotion

The EtsyBaby Street Team is having a Holiday Promotion Starting Saturday, November 16th through Wednesday, December 12th
there's a mouse in the house...that's right Santa's helper kris-mouse is making his way through the EtsyBABY shops listed below. Kris wants to help you find special gifts and great deals for those sweet babies On your list.
You'll find kris hanging out on at least one item in each of shops listed. If you buy an item Where kris's picture shows up you'll receive a free gift with your purchase.
(you'll know kris as soon as you see him)

Prizes vary from shop to shop so be sure to look at as many shops as possible.See shop announcement's for prize details.Remember this Christmas Season shop where kris-mouse shops...EtsyBABY!!!

Alaska Hot Doggies

Meet fellow Alaskan, Jodi Hughes of Alaska Hot Doggies from Anchorage, Alaska. Her hometown is Chugiak, Alaska…can u pronounce that? When she was growing up, her family managed a church camp with a beautiful lake that looked a lot like Jason’s famous killing ground. The camp was 1 ½ miles from the nearest house on a dirt road thru the woods. There were dog trails that mushers trained on that crossed the road and cars had to yield to the dog teams. By day, she masquerades as an Application Analyst for a large corporation. She takes conference calls in her jammies and analyzes code without even stepping out of the house! But in order to bring some originality into her world, away from the logical rules, she sneaks away from the phone and emails to play in marbling goop! It calms her nerves and helps her feel creative. She gets to color outside the lines, unlike her day job!

She started with simple beading projects for herself…taking apart store purchased items and re-doing them more to her liking. Her friend, Anthony, got her started shopping at thrift stores. She wanted comforter covers for the house in special colors and pre-made ones where just too expensive. When she was growing up, her mom had made her a customized comforter cover made from 2 sheets, so she did the same except she bought 2 used sheets, dyed them to her liking and stitched them together. TaDa!! Then she started dying everything! She made covers for the furniture, dyed clothes, curtains, EVERYTHING!! She dabbled in free form painting, mainly on clothes. Then she found Dharma Tracing’s website with a cool starter kit for marbling. She can’t say that her 1st attempts turned out very well but for some reason she was determined to keep trying…and she still is! Jodi has been doing this for decades…in one form or another.

Most of the time her attempts at art never turned out very well. It took her a few years to find her niche. She just opened her Etsy shop mid July of 07. This is her 1st attempt to sell her crafts. Her family, friends and personal closet space is getting over stocked with her creations! Stop by her shop and buy something so she can continue to create! In Jodi’s Etsy Shop you will find wonderful things. She enjoys marbling the most. This last month, she started moving away from regular clothes and moving towards unconventional textiles and other materials. She’s been experimenting with wood, plastic & glass which have proved to be challenging. Jodi also started marbling different paper items. She recently marbled business card stock that turned out wonderful and really make my business card standout from most. Jodi loves to watch people and adopt current color schemes into her design. Browsing thru other artist’s works is also a great way to get motivated. She’s inspired thru the use of color and diverse materials then she brings these approaches into her visions.

Stop by her shop!! www.AKHotDoggies.etsy.com

“Additional Resources”
Her work was sold at the local ‘Trapper Creek Festival’, in addition to Etsy. http://www.indiepublic.com/profile/AkHotDoggies
http://akhotdoggies.blogspot.com/ She also wrote an article for the IndiePublic library. This is a basic introduction on marbling paper. http://www.indiepublic.com/library/topic/show?id=946391%3ATopic%3A69155

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mineral Magic Cosmetics

Meet Kellie, owner and designer of Mineral Magic Cosmetics where you can find Skincare, VEGAN mineral makeup, air fresheners, cosmetic tools, massage oil, and scrubs. She did a lot of research on all the products she makes and sells.

Vegan ROLL ON Mineral Makeup By Mineral Magic Choice Of Color Safe For Sensitive Skin

Kellie takes great pride in her makeup line and guarantees 100% satisfaction. Mineral makeup is pure, crushed minerals from the earth, that improves your skin condition. It provides an SPF (sun protection factor) of up to 20, depending on how much you apply. It is an anti-inflammatory for your skin, as well. Her makeup does NOT contain bismuth oxychloride, which is a kind to arsenic, and is most likely the reason for skin discomfort and bad skin reaction.

Vegan Mineral Makeup Kit By Mineral Magic Plus Mineral Veil

Her biggest inspiration is God. Kellie has been selling making her products for a few years. She has been selling on Etsy since August '07.

Mineral Magic Hand And Body Lotion In Your Choice of Scent

You can find Mineral Magic Cosmetics at the following locations.

My 30th Birthday!!!

What a surprise! Tim gave me such a wonderful birthday! I woke up around 7 and was told to go take a shower and get ready. Tim make me breakfast and then got the girls up and we were off! I was still not sure of where we were going! We stopped and got coffee! YUMMY! And into Fairbanks we went. Tim took me to Elements, an Aveda Salon/Day Spa. I had no idea what was going to happen. When I got there, around 9 all they told me was that I would be there until 1:30. So, the fun began! First I had a facial! It was so wonderful and relaxing! But as I was laying there I was trying to figure out what other treatments I was going to get. I knew a facial did not take hours! When the facial was over the lady told me now I was ready for my massage! YIPPY! What a great birthday present! But it didn't end there. I also got my make-up done, a pedicure, and my nails done! I was very proud of Tim! This was just what I needed!

When I got home Tim made us lunch and then I had to open my present. I got a Toby Mac Cd, which I have been wanting forever, and a new jewelry box! Thanks Tim, Tori, and Trista! I love you guys!

They day was not finished! We went out to dinner to my favorite Chinese place. When we got there some of my friends were there! Tim had arranged
to have a suprise party for me! How awesome is that! So, needless to say I had an awesome day and turning 30 wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Staci Rose Designs

Staci Rose, owner/designer of Staci Rose Designs. In Staci’s shop you will find Gemstone Jewelry, Original Oil Paintings, Wine Charms, Polymer Clay Pendants, Pottery, Bead Boxes, Decorated Picture Frames and Mirrors. Staci started in the performing arts when she was five...probably about the same time she raided the "junk drawer" and created her first diarama. She started creating jewelry when she was 13 - her aunt sent her to summer camp with a bag of beads and some string. (They were a hit with her friends!)

Whimsy - Staci Rose Turquoise Bracelet

She is inspired by materials, emotional experiences, and necessity! She has been her biggest support, but her husband has been her biggest fan for the last 6 years. As far as jewelry goes, she does what the beads tell her to do. Everything else is an idea, thought, random pondering...and she thinks she can get it out of her head and make it a reality.

Chocolate Blush - Staci Rose Zebra Jasper Pink Opal Chrysanthemum Stone Two Strand Necklace

Staci has been selling on Etsy since last year. She would like you to notice that her work is unique, one-of-a-kind, a work that is meant for that special someone. Staci loves the artistic, supportive community of Etsy.

Handle Me Gently - Staci Rose Handled Bowl

You can find Staci’s work at

Monday, November 5, 2007

that's Headley! Jewerly Designs!

Meet Ginny Headley Maserang owner and designer of that's Headley! Jewelry Designs!Ginny specializes in handcrafted Artisan Jewelry in Semi-Precious Gemstones and Sterling Silver.She learned her craft mostly by self-taught methods of books, magazines, and other written tutorials, but also at the Springfield Art Association under the instruction of Meghan Tippy.People who have inspired her include her sister, Lydia; her friend, Kathy; her silversmith instructor, Meghan; her favorite bead shop owner, Kathy; and all the awesome jewelry artisans on Etsy.
Strawberry Fields Triple Strand Bracelet in Quartz, Amazonite and Crystal
Ginny has been beading since junior high and working more seriously with wire and simple forged silver pieces for two years.Ginny’s design style comes from the natural stones that she loves, with a sense of boldness and color, but in balance so as not to overpower the wearer. Unique, one-of-a-kind. She has been selling on Etsy since March 2006.
Gaia Necklace in Ryolite and Sterling Silver

What she wants you to noticed about her work is her commitment to detail, proportion, color, quality materials and workmanship, and ultimately wearability.What Ginny likes most about selling on Etsy is when it happens! Having a shop is so very easy to do on Etsy, but she doesn’t really cater to the disposable-trendy or impulse buyers, so she doesn’t make a sale everyday, or even every week.

Kazuri Taffy Earrings in Ceramic and Glass

Readers can find her at






Sunday, November 4, 2007


Meet Karen Copeland, designer of Soandsewcrafty. Soandsewcrafty is her Etsy shop where she sells just about anything that you can make with fabric! She learned her craft many years ago. She was around 4 or 5 years old watching and helping her great grandmother on her old treadle machine.
Photo Memory Quilt

There were three wonderful ladies who inspired Karen to pursue sewing and to gain a love for it! Her great grandmother, her grandmother (on the other side), and a great aunt! Karen has been busy sewing for family and friends for nearly 40 years.

Sunbonnet Sue Embroidered Baby Quilt

Be sure to check her shop often since she frequently changes her design style. There is something for everyone in her Etsy shop where she has been selling for just over two months. She enjoys selling on Etsy because of the diverse group of buyers, many wonderful people, and the great opportunities. Karen takes great pride in all that she creates! Take a look, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Pink and Green retro print bag

You can find Soandsewcrafty at the following locations!



Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meet Earmark Invitations!

Meet Bridgett, the designer and owner of Earmark Invitations. You can find stationery, journals invitations, announcements, gifts in her shop! She was designing her own invitations, and voila! The world of stationary became her love!

Bridgette's biggest inspiration comes from her husband and her family! She has had endless support and love from the very beginning. She says, "It has been awesome!" She has been working hard at creating new clean, colorful pieces with a pretty touch for nearly 5 years. She has been selling on Etsy now for almost 4 months.

Bridgette works very hard to provide items of the highest quality and she uses recycled papers for her stationery. What she loves about Etsy is the shops and people she has met! She said, "definitely, i have found so many amazing companies on here! it is inspiring in itself!"

Featured Products in order:

Zoet Personalized Note Cards-Set of 10

Simple Pleasures 10 Pack

Coffee Anyone

You can find these stunning products and much more in her Etsy Shop!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cutie Pies!

The Littlest Seahawks Fans!

Go Seahawks!

Tori and Trista love to watch football with Daddy! As a matter of fact, they love to do anything with Daddy! When he is gone at work they will stand and point out the window yelling "Daddy"! How do you explain to a 16 month old that Daddy is at work and will not be home for 2 days?

They are by far the joys of our lives! Many evenings we just sit and laugh at them because they are doing yet another cute thing!

God has blessed our lives with the best daughters I could ever ask for!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

ANNE DUNDAS... Handcrafted Jewellery and Lampwork Beads

Fit for a Princess! Meet AnneDudas' from Sydney, Australia! Jewelery making has become a passion of hers since early 2004. She uses this passion to fill the time while she is carrying for her mum, who has MS.
Pink Ladies
Lusterous white fresh water pearls complimented beautifully by Swarovski crystals in several shades of pink.
While making jewelery, she has learned to use lampwork beads. She says, "It's such a thrill to play with molten glass watching it flow and form beautiful objects."


This beautiful bracelet features Nephrite Jade gemstone beads, as well as Swarovski crystals and Bali sterling silver.

Not only does she make jewelery, but she designs business cards for other jewely designers. You can find her designs at



You will feel like a princess wearing this necklace. A stunning sterling silver pendant, featuring the gemstone amethyst is the focal piece of this necklace.

Be sure to check out more of AnneDudas' beautiful work in her Etsy Shop!



Simple Joys in Life!

Oh, to be a child again! To play and have no fears, worries, or troubles! To be honest I wouldn't change being "Mommy" to these two beautiful girls! They bring such joy to my life!

The simple thing such as their laughter brings a smile to my face! They play well together and I know they definately love each other!

They remind me that each day is a gift, not a chore! Or something to be dreaded! We make the choice each day as to how we will react to circumstances around us! I choose to be joyful and full of love! Children teach us so much about ourselves and just life in general!

Take some time to spend just an hour or two with a little one in your life! I guarantee they will change your outlook on life!