Friday, November 7, 2008

~How to Use an Infant Car Seat Cover

You may be wondering what exactly is an Infant Car Seat Cover? Or why do I need one? As a mother of twins, I know that having an Infant Car Seat Cover is a MUST! Not only are they cute, they are very functional and are life-savers when it is cold out!
KuddleBugz Infant Car Seat Covers are made with either Fleece and Flannel or Corduroy and Fleece fabrics. I started making them with only one layer of fleece, but have discovered that having two layers of fabric protects baby much better! The Covers have elastic all around the outside to easily put it on your car seat. Also, there is an extra large flap to keep baby protected from the cold, wind, and rain!
How do you place baby in the car seat with the cover on? Well, it is very easy! You only need to lift up the bottom portion of the car seat cover and place your baby inside. When you go outside simply pull the car seat cover around the car seat! Once you are in the car, you can velcro up the flap so baby can see!
So, you may be thinking that it is a bit warm out to be thinking about an Infant Car Seat Cover! Fall and winter will be here before we know it! I will be adding more selection to my shop soon! Also, you can place and order for a CUSTOM order! I am more than happy to work with the colors or theme you have for your baby! Wholesale orders also welcome!
Please contact me for details!

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